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While the majority of PR people may not be able to stop a rolling boulder with their bare hands or commandeer a speeding bus (or even milkfloat!); they are responsible for pulling off some effective stunts for clients that capture the public’s imagination.

For some companies budget doesn’t matter when it comes to creating a major stunt.  For example, a Japanese drinks company is planning to have the first ever billboard on the moon, potentially in late 2015, promoting its product and a doll manufacturer once painted a row of houses pink to increase sales!  While these are extreme and very expensive stunts, every day PR people across Northern Ireland are getting creative about how to boost their clients’ product or service in the media, irrespective of budget. 

Simple PR stunts need not be expensive but they do need to be ‘new’ or ‘different’.  In Northern Ireland a number of local schools have produced videos to songs showcasing themselves - a wonderful idea but many of which fail to reach the popularity of the original idea that went viral from Friends’ School, Lisburn in early 2012.   The problem being that it has been done before and therefore, we have seen it all before.  

Stunts can be simple and can even apply to one of the key tools in a PR portfolio – the photocall!  When newspapers have a choice, three men in business suits is not as likely to be chosen if something more creative is available.  However, it is worth bearing in mind that this very much depends on the appropriateness of a creative shot in relation to the story and subject matter.  

Politicians on the steps of Stormont linking arms and holding up bare feet to the camera to publicise the Bare Foot Walk World Record Attempt was an inventive way to highlight the event.  Equally, a ‘Runaway Bride’ dashing through the streets of Belfast in full regalia, in advance of her last marathon before she got married, in which she was participating on behalf of her company, hit the headlines in the media. 

Both of these, as well as securing space in the daily, regional and online press, created a spectacle as they were taking place – much as a major stunt would – but, with the right contacts, these were neither expensive or complicated to organise and they created a buzz as they occurred which captured both the media’s and the general public’s, interest.          

Creativity and a fresh approach can be all that is needed for an effective simple stunt and a good PR company will have this by the bucket load!  You can contact Suzie Fisher of dcp strategic communication, who performs all of her own stunts and will even bring her own bucket, by the following methods.

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