Bill McCallion
Paediatric Surgeon & Renowned Speaker
Bill takes on a leadership role when the stakes are at their highest and the outcome, on many occasions, is the difference between life and death. As a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon of some 30 years, he has operated on critically ill children in Ireland, the UK and the continent of Africa. In doing so, he has developed fascinating insights into the traits of leaders and the realities of resilience, particularly when it comes to performing in the most pressurised situations. Bill will reflect on these experiences and offer his unique insights on wellbeing, performance and resilience all of which are as applicable to business as they are to the operating table.

Elysia Hegarty
Wellness & Future of Work Thought Leader
Elysia is the Associate Director at Future of Work Institute, part of Cpl Group. She partners with businesses to help develop strategies to attract, engage and retain employees. During her time at Future of Work Institute, Elysia as contributed to articles, whitepapers and thought leadership on the importance of strategic wellness as a key enabler for business success. She is also President of ‘Future Work.World Ireland’ which is a convergent network for Senior Leaders who wish to explore key topics relating to the future of work. Elysia will share her own personal experience with burnout and how organisations can use strategic wellness as a key enabler for business success.

Kerry Philips
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
A dedicated change maker specialising in Diversity & Inclusion, Kerry is responsible for leading the delivery, implementation and maintenance of the Diversity & Inclusion strategy for Danske Bank UK. She is passionate about creating inclusive teams that enable colleagues to thrive at work, increasing corporate understanding of and commitment to diversity & inclusion and driving business, team and individual performance through instilling a true sense of Belonging. Kerry will explore the link between D&I and performance/wellbeing and outline why businesses of all sizes and sectors will benefit from engaging on this issue.